Monday, October 31, 2011

Must Read Monday (3), Bout of Books Wrap-up

Hi Everyone!!!! Its time for Must Read Monday hosted by Jenna of Fans of Fiction.

Fans of Fiction

Must Read Monday is a weekly meme devoted to sharing great books in poem format in the hopes that others will add them to their to be read list.

Each week, the people who have the best poems are announced as winners for that week, and Last week the winner was Me, and Pam.

This week's category is LOVE!!!

It is such a hard one because I like all different types of love in my books. I'd say Twilight, but I dont want to because everyone reads it. Instead, I'll say the Marina's Tales Series. I choose this one mainly because I LOVE the love between Ethan and Marina, but also because it's easy for people to get this book since I'm currently hosting a giveaway for the books in the series here.

Marina isn't who she thought she was,
Aptos holds the answers
Revealing truths about her past
In all ways supernatural
Nightmares that feel too real
And deadly prophecy
Send Marina over the edge

Tearing her heart in three
Always in love with Ethan, but
Longing for the sea
Embracing her true heritage
Starts with losing what makes her be.

Okay so this week was SUPER HARD but I think this is my best poem yet! I had fun once again and can't wait to post the one for next week. Jenna was awesome to think of this meme. Go on over to her site and sign up.

Thanks for stopping by! Next I will focus on the Wrap Up of The Bout of Books read-A-Thon

Okay, so I did much better for this Read-a-thon. I read 3 books;
  • The Moon and The Tide - Derrolyn Anderson
  • The Fate of The Muse - Derrolyn Anderson
  • Dead Sky Moon - Karina Halle (I only read 1/4 of this book but it still counts right)
I enjoyed myself and am certainly looking forward to the next Read-a-Thon.


Jenna and Ashley said...

Your last stanza rhymes! So excited:) You're did an awesome job! The other reviewer at Fans of Fiction, Ashley, is working on reading this series. I'll have to check it out as well. As always, thanks for participating, Sherre.

-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

Unknown said...

I love Marina's Tales. I think you did a great job depicting her dilemma, torn between Ethan and the sea. Great job!

Kristan said...

How are you so dang creative?! I love your poems each week and this time you even got it to rhyme!!! So pretty =) I love this meme because I never heard of this book, but based on your posting here I want to pick it up now!

Here's my puzzle

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Lan said...

This is def the best poem I've read so far. Are you sure you're not really a writer?? Now I really want to win those books!

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