Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: The Fate of The Muse By Derrolyn Anderson

Book: The Fate of The Muse (Marina's Tales #3)
By: Derrolyn Anderson
Publication Date: September 16, 2011
Publisher: Self Published

Description: Trouble is stalking Marina. She’s already escaped the clutches of her formidable foe once, but fate has even more trials in store for her. There are evil plans in the works– plans that threaten both her and her newly found family. 
As she struggles to come to grips with her unwanted powers, outside forces threaten to tear Marina and Ethan apart, making her doubt their vision of a future together. Can first love be true love?

My Thoughts: Wow! just Wow!!! You know that feeling when you're reading a good book and its getting better and better and then you have to stop and you look up and like 3 hours has passed, and all your limbs feel all jittery and anxious and excited? That's how I felt while reading the Fate of The Muse. To say this was a good book would be a COMPLETE UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I was scared and nervous and happy and giddy and angry and annoyed all at the same time. The wave of emotions tumbling around me felt just like the waves Marina surfs on a daily basis - Dangerous and Exciting! 

So I have no idea how to do this book any kind of justice. It was great. It was funny because at times I was like, oh something bad is going to happen  right now. Then it didn't, only to happen when I least expected it. It made me on edge and nervous when I needed to be. The effect this book had on me was visible! I loved It. Ethan (the boyfriend/fiance) was just as wonderful and real as ever, and as usual, the surf's amazing. I legitimately wanted to learn to surf after I read this book. Marina is...Marina, and although I don't always like her decisions, I must admit that that's why I love the books so much! I don't even know what to say about this book...

I never wanted to stop reading this book (and never did). Once I started, I turned page after page after page only to find that the book was over and I wanted more!!! This book gets 5 LARGE STARS!!


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