Thursday, November 5, 2015

RRT: Bookshelves were made for Dreams

Hey Everyone. How are ya?

It's about time for another Random Rant Thursday. Typically, the books I like to read are all fiction, all the stuff of dreams and fantasy. The more unreal it is the more I love it, and my shelves are bursting at the seams at the moments with all my lovely books. (It’s about time to buy another shelf) I have everything on them from knickknacks to book marks, and am always looking for things to make them more pretty. One day, I’ll show them off, but that’s not today because I’m moving soon and everything’s all boxed up.

Recently, I was contacted by to make a blog post of my dream literary collection from their site, and since they sell awesome antiques, and the things I love to pretty my shelves with, I figured why not?

Books: has a ton of first edition books on sale, in addition to a ton of other books as well. After spending hours on the site, these are the ones I absolutely would love!

Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Victor Hugo РLes Mis̩rables

Bram Stoker – Dracula

F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind

I have a thing for pretty clocks (though you wouldn’t know it from my house.) and these are absolutely stunning. I can only imaging one of these on the end of my shelves, perhaps next to my shakespere collections, ro next to my historical fiction. Seems like a good place.

I found myself getting sucked into this site, and eventually had to just stop with the site all together so I could get to some homework. I’d suggest you go take a look at what they offer. It’s much more than just books, they have paintings, furniture, jewelry, and more. It’s a great site for the collector, and for the person who just wants that one rare piece that makes things awesome.

Thanks for allowing me to add my insight on my “Dream Literary Collection.”