Review Policy

I love reading books all hours of the day and would therefore love to review a book for you! I read Young Adult books and Speculative Fiction such as Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Paranormal Romance, and the like. I also like some Erotica and Contemporary Fiction when the mood strikes. If your book fits this criteria then I would love to review it for you.

I accept both print and eBooks for review, although I prefer print (there's just something about the feel of a book in my hand. Okay, I'll also admit I love receiving packages!) I am also willing to perform author interviews, giveaways, tours, and the like. I'm pretty flexible. Email me at the below address and we can discuss.

My Reviews are posted on my Blog, Goodreads, and (if possible) Smashwords. I can also post to Amazon upon request. If you would like the review posted elsewhere, let me know and  will try to accommodate you.

Because I read so many books and am currently a married working adult, it may take some time for me to review your book. Please be patient and I will advise you when I have completed the book and when I have completed the review. If for some reason you need a review completed by a certain date, let me know in the inquiry email and I will try to accommodate you as much as I can.

I must inform you that my review will be completely honest. I owe that to my followers and refuse to put out false information. If for some reason I do not feel a connection to the book, I will say so.

Thank you for selecting my blog to review your book. Please email me at sherremcopeland [at] yahoo [dot] com to inform me of your choice. I look forward to reading it.