Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Giveaway!!! Experiment in Terror Series

THIS JUST IN... (I always wanted to say that)

The 3 Experiment in Terror books are free at Smashwords. The details are here. It seems as if Karina Halle, author of the Experiment in Terror Series, decided to give them as a Halloween Gift! For all of you who dont know about this series, you can see my review of the first two books here----> Darkhouse Review, Red Fox Review. I am currently reading the 3rd book, and just to let you know.......IT'S AWESOME!!!

Hurry, because this offer ends once Halloween is over (I think)


Cathy Keaton said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Sherre. I've been wanting to get this series, and I love it when a book I want suddenly becomes free! Had no idea, so thanks again.

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