Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: After Last Call by Derrolyn Anderson

Book: After Last Call
By: Derrolyn Anderson
Published: March 24, 2015
Published By: Self Published

My Thoughts: After Last Call is a romantic thriller that follows Lola. Bored with her partying, cocaine filled life in Miami in the 80's, she meets Randy and falls in love. Randy convinces her to move with him to California, and she takes the plunge. Once she gets there, however, life isn't as wonderful as it seems, and when Randy cheats on her, she's on her own. She turns things around by getting a job at a bar and getting in touch with her passion for cooking. Soon though, a coworker's affair ends in death, and the investigation leads her to a charming stranger and some scary characters that lead her to make some intense decisions.

This book is a genre I'm not used to with Derrolyn, but somehow it works. It's pretty great. At some points, the story is a bit slow, with some sections that don't seem to add anything to the plot, but once you make it to the end, it all makes sense. There isn't needless sex, and the 80's setting isn't overly done. The story it definitely a good story. Though we knew who the bad guys were, the story just works. I did find that there was one plot line that didn't seem to have a conclusion. I wanted to see what ultimately happened with Randy. Still the story was good and I commend Derrolyn for trying this genre. I give this book 4 stars.