Thursday, November 24, 2011

Random Rant Thursday! Thanksgiving Rant!

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!! I feel like ranting this morning, so here we go!
So, Thanksgiving is here and I must admit I'm pretty excited. I love getting together with family and eating all the delicious food and all that wonderful stuff, but do you notice how much tension in families build right before holidays where we're supposed to be getting together. It becomes frustrating at times. Oh well, I guess that's what family means; still being able to come together to celebrate even after disagreements. Sometimes though, I wish that there wasn't so much drama in families. I figured that since its Thanksgiving, I should identify all the different characteristics of people in my family:
  • There's the one who thinks they're better than the rest and wants everyone to know they just bought a new car or has a special job with the president or whatever. 
  • There's the one who everyone treats like they aren't a grown adult. "Come here dear and let me take care of that for you." 
  • The one who never come's to dinner because their wife/husband doesn't like the family. "Oh sorry everyone I cant make it. Vivian has a cold and we think it may be a rare disease we picked up from hiking last week so we're just not going to be able to make it" (how on earth does one person get that many illnesses)
  • There's the cousin that's a bit promiscuous. Talks the whole night about her date and how obsessed some guy is with her
  • The one who brings a different date to dinner each year and has to call in advance so the family doesn't call the date the wrong name. 
  • The one that didn't do what the family believe's is a good job or exactly what they thought was the right path for them. "If only you went to college, you wouldn't be so exhausted after work dear." 
  • There's the relative that everyone puts their faith in to be a perfect person. They make everyone else jealous and people never really call and talk to them when it isn't a holiday or birthday or something. 
  • There's the talker, who lies about everything they say but just like to hear themselves talk and nobody pays attention but instead just stares at them the whole time. "I swear, I literally jumped 30 feet out of a tree and landed on my feet and shot the deer at the same time! Then I carried it back to the car 20 miles away with my bare hands!" Er, okay?
  • There's the super-religious person who's spending time trying to convert everyone else at the table.
  • The elder who wants to force everyone to listen to their history and pay respect
  • The one who calls all the grandchildren by the wrong name (over and over and over again!)
  • The one who reminds you of the younger years when you were "this big and used to eat poop and pull out your own hair and stick your tongue at everyone all the time"
  • The over-entitled person who thinks everyone should wait on them hand and foot.
  • The one who just wants everyone to get along and stop fighting. "Please guys! Lets just forget that and eat. How about we all hug and be friends again!" (okay I'll admit this is me sometimes)
  • The one who shows up sober and leaves drunk and in the meantime insults everyone else.
  • The one who constantly has to be reminded that "This is not the time to talk about that!!"
  • The one who has too many kids. The kids run all over the place and in between legs flipping and rolling underneath the table. The mom looks around like its not her kids. Ha!

That's all I can think of at the moment. The one thing I notice, is that to each person, they are always the "good" person and everyone else is always messing things up. Family doesn't mean blaming others all the time, it means coming together and supporting each other no matter how annoyed you are. Its understanding that although they may fit one of these qualifications, everyone has good qualities that make them so darn lovable!!!

Which family member's did I forget?


Jenna and Ashley said...

Cracking up right now. So many good descriptions:) Let's see... I don't think you forgot too many. In my family there's "the one trying to get a rise out a particular member of the family by talking about reincarnation, extreme political views, and how her grandchildren walk on water." Lol. I love the extreme exaggerator description.
This year, we also had "the one who got married and divorced in less than a month and brought a new boyfriend to dinner" and the "16 year old vegan who doesn't know how to cover up her chest." See? All families are crazy:) Oh my gosh, and my greatgrandpa once said when I was coming down the stairs, "How many children do you have, Dave?" to my dad. Talk about embarrassing.

You have to stop by my Follow Friday post because you're in it:)
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-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

Lan said...

This post really made my day! I'm having a bit of a life slump at the moment and reading about all the crazy characters in your life really picked me up :)I don't have much in the way of family over in Australia so I only ever see:
-The ones whose marriage is in the pits and everyone knows it but they still pretend everything is okay;
-The ones who your parents wish you were;
-The ones whose voices grate on your nerves so much you wish you were deaf;
And thankfully:
-The ones you're actually glad to see...can't forget those!!!

Sherre said...

Ha! you're right. I should not have forgotten those. I hear from my grandma that I'm the one that my uncle's wish their kids were. Doesn't really make me the popular cousin that's for sure. Oh well!

Alison Can Read said...

Haha! I love the one where the person brings a different date and has to call before to make sure they don't use the wrong name.

Silver Thistle said...

Haha! The one that likes to tell the 'eating poop' stories! I've got one of those too.

We don't have Thanksgiving here (Scotland) but if you substitute it for Christmas Dinner then I could swear we had the same family. I've got the added bonus of the one who has known my husband for over 20 years and still insists on calling him by the name of my old boyfriend from my teen years. Yeah, she's also the one that thinks she's a riot. *slap*.

When called on it her stock answer is always "OMG why do I keep doing that?!!"

Yeah, seriously. Why DO you keep doing that?

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