Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Rant Thursday! (my random made up meme)

So today I felt like coming on here ane telling you random comments about random things and I planned to call the post RANDOM! Then I realized it was Thursday, so I planned to call it Random Thursday, but Thursdays aren't random, they're actuallt pretty common. So then I settled on Random Rant Thursday, which I had hoped would actually be Random Rambling Thursday but I felt like that was too much going on and anyway, Random Rant Thursday sounds better. So here we go. I am guessing I'll do this every Thursday (at some point or another) and use it as my place to say random things nobody really cares about, but I want to say anyway. Hope it doesn't bore you to death.


Okay first, there's a person I recently met, lets call him Bill, and I decided to be nice because he doesn't know anyone else at the place I met him. (Okay he's a coworker at my job, and he's new) Then I got pretty peeved because he had the nerve, after I only knew him like 5 days, to ask me to write a paper for his grad school class for some class that I hate more than anything and that I probably will have to take in a few semesters. The paper was 7 pages. I told him I dont mind helping with papers and that I was good at writing papers and everything, but apparently to him that meant I cheat for people or something. After he asked, I nicely said that I can help with grammar or sentence structure or "does this make sense" or whatever, but in no way am I going to write your paper for you. First of all, I dont even know you, second, I hate this class, and third "Do your own work." Dont thisnk that because I'm some intern who is good at school and kind of smart that you're going to use me! Anyway, he got the picture, but I felt the need to share.

Have you ever had a blog that you stalk because you're in love with the pictures? I have quite a few and one of them is LC's Adventures in Libraryland. I am in love with her personal buttons and pictures and everything. Not sure if she is a photographer or something but I love it all anyway. Back to the point. She's having a 1000 follower giveaway, and I am posting this not only because I guess I get extra entries or something like that, but because I want to steal the prettiness of the button. Isn't is pretty?

I think so. Well good luck to her and If you have a chance, stop by and check out her stuff.

Last but not least:

I need ideas!!! Christmas is coming up and I need to give people I know gifts, I also plan to have a secret santa giveaway at some point on here (we'll see how that goes). What kind of things do you think will go well in a giveaway, and what do you give to a person who you know doesn't really need anything?

You're still here? Well I must say, thanks for listening! What do you think about me continuing to do this every week. Should I keep my ranting to myself? Let me know!!!


Beth D. said...

You should have told him he isn't cute enough to make that work for him. j/k, though I bet the look on his face would have been priceless!

Beth ^_^

Sherre said...

Ha! That would have been too funny because, well, he's not! (Okay that's mean) Really though, unless you know someone well, why would you ask that question? Besides, I have to take this class eventually. If I write a paper for you, what on earth am I supposed to write about whan I have to write mine???

Cathy Keaton said...

That's horrible, Sherre! You did the right thing by telling him kindly that you aren't going to do something like that. What nerve the guy has to even ask!

Lan said...

Sherre, don't you sometimes feel like busting out some moves you've learned from YA books? The way you handled it was perfect and so brave of you to say no. It's hard when you're put under pressure like that from someone senior. The secret santa giveaway sounds awesome! I'm all in for that.

Sherre said...

Cathy: I know right! I wanted to cut the whole scene and play it back to him so he would know how much he sounded like a jerk.

Lan: YES! I do. If only life were storybooks. I'll make sure I let you know when I do the giveaway. I'm getting plans finalized in my head now!

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