Monday, November 21, 2011

Must Read Monday #6

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!!!

Its time for Must Read Monday!!
Fans of Fiction
Must read Monday is hosted by Fans of Fiction.
The goal of the Must Read Monday is to find share your love of great books with others in the hopes that they'll add a new title to their To Be Read list.
Your job is to create intrigue for other hoppers. What makes your book so swoon-worthy? What do you absolutely have to mention so they'll read it?
On your post, you'll make an acrostic puzzle (think of it as an overview/book blurb type of thing).
When you leave comments on other posts, be sure to mention whether you're adding that book to your TBR pile, and what part convinced you to do so.
It's all about powers of persuasion, people:) You might have to think a little, but channel that inner-creative goddess (or god).

This week's category is: Fantasy (or some book with fantastical elements)

So it's quite hard doing this when all my book's are at home. I guess I'll choose Twilight because...well....I'm in love, and because I recently saw Breaking Dawn and loved it (minus the weird wolves talking bit)!!!

This is both the beginning and the end.
When life changes from what it is,
Into what it will forever be.
Love is what makes things change.
It brings together the Lion and the Lamb,
Generationally predestined to be predator and prey.
Here, each fight their nature.
The result, is something none have yet encountered.

Nevertheless, without darkness, there is no light.
Eventually the bonds of even the greatest love must be tested
When this happens, all hell breaks loose

Madness, depression, adrenaline, destruction
Only subsided by the help of a "friend"
Only fixed by the return of a lover
Never to leave her again

Eventually though, that "friend" becomes more
Coming in between the bonds of love
Likewise past skeletons haunt the present, promising
Imminent danger to all nearby.
Persistent killers, and crazed newborns,
Surround the troublesome trio
Effectively, causing a war between enemies, and friends

But our trio overcomes the death and destruction
Resulting in marriage of Lion and Lamb
Everything seems perfect
After bonds are tied, but it's not, and the
Killing of an unborn baby isn't allowed
I cant explain the pain and anger that ensues:
Near death/actual death/emergency vampirization
Granting Nessie life

Drawing Vampire, wolf, and hybrid together
Awakening superpowers none knew existed.
We read these books with an open mind, fall in love with them and leave
Needing so much more.

This was my hardest one to date!

What do you think??? What are your choices?


Kristan said...

Woa, you went all out! Good for you for doing all four books in the one puzzle. I had a hard enough time finishing two words hahaha. You sumarized this series perfectly. I don't think the publishers could have done a better job!

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Susanne said...

Wow, perfect description of the series! And you incorporated all the books too. Great job!


The Happy Booker said...

WOW! What an awesome job!! It would be impossible to pick a favorite line. I can't believe you chose to use all of the books! Excellent. Yours is my favorite this week. I can't wait to see the new movie.

Getting Your Read On said...

Well, I'm going to be the fourth person to say this. Wow. You really put yourself out there. I can't believe your acrostic! I've read these books and I enjoyed them too. Great job.

Jenna and Ashley said...

I won't be repetitive:) I LOVE that you didn't even mention "vampire" until the fourth title. Way to go!
So in love with this series. Still haven't seen Breaking Dawn- didn't want to deal with the midnight madness.
Sometimes it's good to be an overachiever:) (Well okay, most times!) I like the reoccuring analogy to the lion and the lamb. Yay, Sheree!

Jinky said...

You rock! You did all 4!! --Glad I don't have to add this on my tbr. I loved this series. Great job!! :)

Sherre said...

Thanks everyone!!! Thanks so much. This week was hard but I think it paid off!

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