Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Reasons I love Blogging

Hey Everyone.

It's June 12 and I'm ankle deep in piles of books. My 4 current reads (for a list of what I'm reading, see my Goodreads page) are really getting good, and I'm working on a few blog posts to add later in the week.

During this time though, I decided to make a post that would spotlight the reasons I hopped on the bandwagon and decided to book blog, and why it's been the best decision of my life. Since it's the 12th, I suppose I should give you 12 reasons, but since I can never really determine all reasons I do anything, I thought it would be a bit easier to give you 10 reasons, plus that's a nice, common/even number (and my sorority line number so it's even better!!) So without further ado, the 10 reasons I love book blogging....
 10. It gives me something to do at work. I know you all think I;m joking sometimes when I say most of my blogging is done at work, but its the truth. My best thinking is done at work. I'm an intern so I honestly don't have much to do on a day to day basis, so once I've done that, there's nothing else to do but blog and surf the net.  Blogging gives you a chance to free your mind and give opinions  and feelings and use words you never thought you'd actually be able to use like douchecanoe.

9. Its so much easier to keep track of all the books you've read or not read. I used to sit in the bookstore for hours trying to remember if I've actually read this book or that book. I eventually had to read the first few pages to see and do a little flip through just to be sure. Now, I have most of them logged so If I get really confused, (which is often) I can always pull up my blog and see. The only problem now Is making sure I don't purchase a book I already have in my home library that I haven't read yet.

8. You learn about new releases of books so much faster. I never thought I'd have a "Books not yet released" wish list. I thought that they were just released on random days and so I would just go to the library/bookstore on random days to see if anything was new (odd how I never saw that all the new books came out on Tuesday...oh well!) Now, I know when something I want is coming out, and can wait outside the bookstore as its opening (don't judge me) and race in to get my anxiously awaited book.  (Funny how as soon as I get home, the book goes on top of my to read pile for me to wait to read at the "right time" whenever the heck that is.)

7. I get to read so many reviews of the same book that I can easily decide whether its even worth my time or if I should read it right away. There's nothing worse than reading a horrible book, and then knowing you could have been warned before you spent your time reading a book that sucked. I'm so happy some of you have warned me. This leads into my next reason....

6. There are so many books I never would have heard of if it weren't for this blog. My 3 favorite self pub book series' The Experiment in Terror Series, Marina's Tales and the Telesa Trilogy are amazing books. I would have NEVER found out about them otherwise and am so glad I did. Which reminds me...as of TODAY, my favorite, most bestest, most amazingest, most funny, author friend Lani Wendt Young has just released the second book in the Telesa Trilogy, When Water Burns, now available on Amazon. This is the best series ever and you should read it like now!!!! I cant wait until mine comes in the mail so I can get to it. Wooo Hoooo!!!!!

5. It helps me work on my writing. When it comes to school, my writing is quite superb, but when it comes to actual writing for anything other than a school assignment, I like to think I suck at it. That I'm quite possibly the most boring person on this earth. This blog, through my beloved followers, has shown me that people are interested in what I have to say (sometimes) and that I don't suck that much.

4. I meet all these wonderful authors, and get advanced copies of books. Who would have thought that just by giving your opinion, you could be given free stuff? I certainly didn't, and when I started receiving free books and what not, it kind of sealed the deal. Seriously, who wouldn't want to give their opinion if that meant they could be given, absolutely free of charge, the one item that they spend the most money on? Its one of the best perks of this whole thing.

3. It sounds good at interviews and sometimes even on dates. Okay so I've actually told interviewers that I have a book blog and for some reason, that makes the interview so much more fun. They start asking me about all the books I've read and then they compare their favorite books, and then we're laughing and joking and everything's just peachy. They think I'm dedicated and can write well and so it all works out great. On dates, the guy always thinks it's cute that you have a nerdy passion (apparently nerdy is "in." Who would've thought back when I was a little girl that eventually all my nerdy tendencies would be cute and guys would love it. I was too busy getting teased as a child to hope things would be different later). Ahhh, sweet success.

2. You get to meet and chat with other people from all over the world. From Australia to Samoa, and Brazil to China, and everywhere in between. I, a tiny girl in Maryland, USA have blogger friends in a bunch of these locations. it feels good for some reason. I literally feel like I can go to another country, email someone, and meet up for coffee or something. (I haven't done it yet though. Besides the fact that I haven't been out of the country since I started the book blog, right now I'd feel like a bit of a stalker, and like I cant possibly be as interesting in person. Ha!)

1. It's a Family. Like I said before, I was a bit of a nerd as a child. Braces with crazy teeth and two left feet and the whole deal. I didn't have very many friends, and preferred the company of my imagination and my books. Now, although I hear I no longer look nerdy and all that, I still feel like I don't completely fit in. People laugh a little and give me raised eyebrow glances when I rave about a book, and never understand why I'd prefer to curl up in my room with a book instead of going out to party. Here, with all of you, I feel like I belong. Like we all understand each other and like the same things. We may disagree but who doesn't? I love blogging because no matter if I love Twilight and you think it's the scum of the earth, we can all agree on the fact that books are wonderful things that give you experiences you never would have experienced, and that they deserve to be talked about.

Why do you love book blogging?


Kat C @ Books and Sensibility said...

I love this list. I think my reasons pretty much mirror yours. It is fun to have a 'thing'. I've never had one before and I feel like I'm doing pretty good at it (in that, I haven't quit)

Lani Wendt Young said...

This list rocks. Im not a book blogger but I do blog and I love it. For many of the same reasons. I too love that I get to be friends with so many different people from all over the world and it does feel like a family. Sometimes my husband gets a bit umm jealous? because he says i spend so much time having fun and talking to my blog and blogger buddies...or I'll start laughing at the dinner table and tell the family about something super funny / cool i read on someones blog and the children look at me like im an alien from outer space. Oh well, you all understand what I mean! LOL Thank you for the book shout-out and support Sherre.

Sherre said...

Yea it's so great to feel like you have something that you belong to that's all your own. My family and friends think I'm crazy when I talk about a book, or my blogger friend, or "I know this lady in New Zealand, yea we're blog friends and she said this REALLY FUNNY THING, that was like REALLY FUNNY, and do you want to hear about it? Well I'm going to tell you regardless!" lol. They just dont understand.

Lan said...

I think if I hadn't started blogging and met such great people like you I would have gone very crazy a long time ago. Especially since I've met so many people who love Twilight and I found out I don't dislike ANY of them. Something I never would have thought possible had I not blogged with them. Sometimes it feels like my blogging life is the real life and everything else is a bit of a waste of time until I can blog again. I am so jealous you get to blog while at work!!

Sherre said...

Haha. Me too Lan. I remember saying to my dad one day, "Yea I have this friend Lan who lives in australia who's so funny and cool..." and he just stared at me like when the hell have you been to australia. I explain that it's an online friend and he then thinks somehow that makes it not a "real friend". Well poo to you too dad! I love all the wonderful people I've met and look forward to meeting more of them.

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