Monday, April 6, 2015

Audiobook Review: Temptation by Nicole Edwards

Book: Temptation (Club Destiny #2)
By: Nicole Edwards
Read By: Jack Dupont, Joanna Patrick, and Houston Fullbright
Audio Published: January, 27, 2015
Published by: Blackstone Audio
Run Time: 11.3 hours (Unabridged)

**This audiobook was received from Audiobook jukebox in exchange for an honest review**

My Thoughts: Temptation picked up right where Conviction left off, though instead of focusing on Sam and Logan, this one focused on Logan's brother Luke, who we saw a few times in the last book, their friend Cole, who briefly made an appearance as well, and Sierra, the new arrival.

Just like the last one, this one was hot and steamy, and quite heavy. Totally one for readers 18 and over though even I was blushing a bit. There were m/f scenes, m/f/m scenes, m/m/f scenes, and even m/m scenes, and they were quite descriptive. Totally out of my comfort zone, but still interesting to say the least.

The Story: Like I said this one picks up right where Conviction left off, only from a different perspective, with Luke dealing with the ramifications of his actions and his possible feelings over his sexuality at the end of Conviction. Then, he meets Sierra and is talked into being her date at a convention in Vegas. Cole, the one and only guy Luke can't get out of his head, is also going to Vegas for the convention, and the sexual tension between the three of them is heavy, because they both like her, and she likes both of them, and the feelings they have for each other are way more than like. What ensues is a bunch of heat, some definite insta-love, and a ridiculous amount of angst, confused feelings, and frustration.

Narration: The book is written in third person, and the narration is a multi-cast performance. Though I liked knowing who's perspective we were seeing from, the changing narration was a bit distracting from the story as a whole, and the two male narrators voices weren't different enough for me to be able to tell who was speaking without the story clues. I would have preferred one narrator in this case.

Verdict: I didn't like Temptation as much as I liked Conviction, whether that was because of the issues I had with the narration or the fact that the insta-love was so prominent and the angst was excessive, I'm not sure. Regardless, I found myself frustrated at the constant back and forth of Logan's feelings, and unable to relate to the love that sprung up between these characters with no preamble. Still, it was quite entertaining, and I must say I had some definite heavy breathing at some points while reading/listening to this one. I think I may continue the series, just to see what happens with the next characters who have a bit more history to affect their feelings. I give this one 2.5 stars and I would recommend it to those of you who have read Conviction, and who want some more heat and are open to m/m scenes.


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