Monday, April 20, 2015

Audiobook Review: Addicted by Nicole Edwards

Book: Addicted (Club Destiny #2.5)
By: Nicole Edwards
Narrated By: Sabrina Brooks and Jay Crow
Published: January 27, 2015
Published by: Blackstone Audio - Unabridged
Length: 2.0 hours

**This audiobook was received from Audiobook jukebox in exchange for an honest review**

My Thoughts: Addicted was another hot and steamy book from Nicole Edwards that extended the first book in the series to show what happened to Sam and Logan in the fallout of Luke's new relationship. Still, there was no real storyline. It just seemed like an excuse to add some more steamy scenes with a new third

The Story: After book 2, Luke is no longer able to be the "third" in the relationship between Samantha and Logan. Despite this, Sam misses that experience, and Logan wants to ensure that she doesn't miss it for long.

Narration: Sabrina and Jay are the better narrators in this series so far, but I still don't love them. They didn't seem to get into the various scenes as much as I would have liked them to. Their voices spoke them the way they would have spoken anything else. No heavy breathing, no real shouting. I found myself actually rephrasing and rereading it properly in my head to compensate. This one just wasn't my favorite narration job.

Verdict: I give this one 2 stars. The mix of the story being nothing more than extra sex scenes and the search for a new "third" for those scenes, and the narration not quite getting into the mood of the story made me just not really enjoy it much.


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