Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet My Sister Plus Book Haul

Hey Everyone,

My sister wanted to meet you all. Plus I have a book haul from the library and from some authors. Enjoy!!!

If you want to check out my sister's blog, click here. If you want to check out my you tube channel, click here.


Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi, Sherre! I have checked out your video. What a great little sister you have, and with her own blog already!

I hope you enjoy my book when you get around to it. It's not paranormal romance, I'm afraid, just fantasy with a little bit of romance in it! Read it when you need a break from all those massive library books. ;-)

No problems about my surname, I'm used to people not being able to pronounce it. :-) It's pronounced "Boorshteenski" - the "oo" as in "book". My day job is in a school with kids from all over the world. They don't take long to learn my name, especially after I offer them candy for getting it right. ;-)

Lan said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day though it seems like you did have a good time with your sister. She's 10 years younger wow!

I almost died when you mentioned me in the vlog!!! It's so funny listening to people try and pronounce my name. My husband got it right the first time. That's why I knew I should marry him :) It's pronounced like it had an r in it by the way. As in Larn. I hope you like Wolfborn. It's not your typical YA paranormal story but I didn't mind that.

I haven't gotten many books this week. Just a copy of Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep and also Across the Universe.

Sherre said...

Lan and Sue: It always sucks when I cant pronounce names. And it's bad because people almost always pronounce my name incorrectly to the point that I still answer to the incorrect pronunciation. Shame. So I hate to get other's names incorrect. Oh well, I guess its inevitable.

I hope I like wolfborn too, and as for you Lan, I hope you like Across the Universe. It wasnt a 5 star book for me but it was still pretty great. Tell me what you think of Touch of Frost. I've been thinking about reading it.

Anonymous said...

The sister tag-team Vlog Haul was a cute idea, I can tell you two get a long quite well. Nice to see some sibling love, as I was use to so much sibling rivalry growing up.

Really tho...borrowed all those books from the library in that one series and STILL, you were missing two of them...that's a crap load of books! (Lol) Even more impressive was those weren't the only books you borrowed...like seriously, you probably borrowed more books in a week, than I'll ever even buy, in like a few years combined...Wow! (Lol).
The funniest part of this Vlog entry was when your sister did the little happy clap right after you mentioned the book signing tour; it was like looking at your inner-self. (Hahaha) However, I have one minor complaint. I haaad planed on saving money this pay check, but now because of you and your haul video, I've been inspired to spend it on a book haul of my own...thanks a lot...Lol.


Sue Bursztynski said...

Oh, really, Lan? We've met and you didn't correct my pronunciation, but never mind, now I know :-). Sherre, at least people can pronounce your surname. Maybe you too can offer candy for getting it right. ;-) Sherr or Sherrie or what? I may mention you in a vlog sometime, so need to knw. I work with kids from all over the world and learn to pronounce THEIR names. Just one question - what did you use to film yourself? When I use my web cam the books are back to front!

Sherre said...

Yea you're right Sue. Though my name will stick with me even after I'm married whereas my surname will disappear almost completely. (Except on those random applications and tax forms that ask for the maiden name) Nonetheless, both suck. As for my name, it's pronounced like Sherree or Sherrie

As for filming myself, I use my Mac webcam for now until I can get something better. Mine used to mess up my book names when I practiced the first one but there's an option under the "edit" tab that allows me to flip the final version or something like that. If you dont have a Mac, I'm sure whatever you use for a webcam should have some type of option like that if you play with it a bit.

I got your card. It was funny and I loved it. Thanks so much!

Sue Bursztynski said...

I do have a Mac. The only flip I could find was for photos, but will try again. Thanks! Glad you liked the card. Very silly, but fun! I sent that one to my brother and he liked it too.

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