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Review: Into the Hollow by Karina Halle

Book: Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror #6)
By: Karina Halle
Published: November 15, 2012
Published by: Self Published

Description: Perry Palomino has fought her demons – and won – but the battle is far from over. She’s now left broken and on her own, leaving behind her life and family in Portland to focus on giving Dex Foray – and the Experiment in Terror show – a second chance. But their past mistakes continue to tease and test their relationship, as does the wild and desolate terrain of the Canadian Rockies. The snow-covered peaks and ravenous forests hide an urban legend too unbelievably frightening to be true and the only way the duo has a chance of surviving is if Perry can let in the very man who sent her to hell and back.
Rated 16+ for language, gore and sexual content

My Thoughts: I didn’t want to waste a second after reading this story to write a review of it. I wanted to feel everything I felt and be able to somehow someway show you all how much I absolutely loved it.

We begin with Perry in her home after the fallout from the last book (I’ll try not to give any spoilers). She decides to move out of her parent’s house and in with a certain someone. She decides to think about Experiment in Terror some more and decides that taking on an investigation of a Sasquatch sighting may just be the safest route. After all, Sasquatch doesn’t exist anyway.

Things are strange between her and Dex, as expected and we see the fluctuations in feelings Perry feels. We see the changes they experienced in their lives after the last books events. There’s just so much emotion and I have no way to explain how great it is to see after the terror that was the last book.

I loved Dex so much in this book. I never felt I should love him more but somehow I did. He’s just awesome. I love Perry even more but she also pisses me off, probably because she reminds me of myself and I often piss myself off too. *wink* It’s also because she’s afraid to let Dex in (as always) and for good reason and I so want them together but I completely understand her reasoning. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.

This book had my heart racing in suspense. So many things have been happening and I just love it. The Experiment in Terror series just keeps getting better and better. Yes, it’s terrifying but it’s so much more than that. This series focuses on the intricacies that are our innermost feelings. It’s not about fear for the ghosts or demons or scary man-killing beasts. No, that’s not what it is at all. This series is about facing your fears, all of them, and overcoming them somehow. It’s about understanding that although you’re scared and tired and all hell is literally breaking loose, if you only have the courage to face those fears, you may just be surprised of what you end up with.

I would suggest this series to anyone who likes books that are open, that aren’t all gumdrops and rainbows and daisies. To those of us who understand that love sucks sometimes. It rips your heart open to leave it bleeding onto the street for you to pick up and attempt to assemble into a somewhat decent mess. That after something like that, you can’t and don’t ever want to love again, because how can one heart go on after something like that. How you can face the fear of being hurt time and time again? If you want a story that’s real, I’d suggest you give the Experiment in Terror Series a try. I give it 5 large stars, and I cant wait for the next book in the series, “Come Alive


Anonymous said...

My first thoughts after reading the review were…WOW. Then I thought all over again to myself why I love reading your reviews; the ones you love anyways (haha). This was really good, and I definitely feel like I would really, really love this book too. This book sounds like a thinker, and I don’t mean in the same way a movie like say, Inception might make you think; about things involving sh*t (and don’t excuse my French, because that words best expresses my emotion) that really won’t change anything in your life. Feel like how the Matrix made me think; what happens if I deny the odds, believe in myself, fight for something I think is right and throw caution to the wind? Not to mention the mind controlling machines. I it is a bit shameful though, all my references are movies…but alas, I have not read enough books (sadness)…but I digress.
It’s good to think about love, and relationships, and facing fears, and dealing with feelings hopeless or helpless or whatever else-lessness; especially since we’ve all been there, and from time to time need help with handling those issues. And if you haven’t been there by chance, shame on you because you’re not really living life! Escaping to a far off fantasy place with heroes and magic, and good versus evil and all that is nice, and at times can have it fair share of reality to it; but it doesn’t come close to something like what I’m guessing this book is dealing with. The former is good for that youthful soul in us all that needs to explore our imagination and keep hope alive; the later (this book) is what helps us deal with who we really are and lets us look at ourselves through a third person-lens so to speak. It’s almost therapeutic…
…Okaaay, I feel like I just got all super-deep-emotional for a second, so let me bring it back a bit.
Basically what I’m saying is, I have not even read the dang- on thing and already feel, I too can connect with the book like you have; especially with the Dex character. I don’t know much more about him, but the way you briefly described his predicament resonates with me for sure. I’ve been there, done that…didn’t really care to buy the t-shirt….But, I know what it’s like, always trying and trying to “get in,” (as you put it ), to that person’s heart who, for so many reasons, seems to be so desperately trying to keep you out. I feel like if anything, I feel like I need to read this series just see how it turns out! Lol. Of all your reviews I’ve read, and loved, I have to say that this book and this series is the first that I’m definitely going to buy, maybe even as soon as this weekend! Thanks for the great review, what a way to kick things back off!


Lan said...

Oh how I wish I could read this book. I get so upset when there are scary books that sound completely awesome and I can't real them because I'm too afraid. You really bring these characters to life in your review.

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