Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Girl Possessed by Reussie Miliardario

Book: Girl Possessed (The Girl Trilogy #1)
By: Reussie Miliardario
Published: May 16, 2011
Published by: Self Published

Description: A bad boy. A good girl.

Even in the darkness, magic, romance, and excitement can light up your mind.
In this post-apocalyptic world, an enigmatic boy takes Cordellia on a shocking adventure. In the most unexpected place, she finds love, beauty, allurement and a mission of great heights.

My Thoughts: I got this as a freebie on Smashwords. It had fairly good reviews and I had ultimately high hopes for this read.

Unfortunately, my hopes were not met. The story follows Cordellia and Shaul in a post apocalyptic world where the descendants of the serpent (Yea the serpent from the bible) rule society and humans are scared for their lives. Cordellia is strange and has this stupid looking hump on her back all her life. She meets Shaul while out looking for some antibiotics for her sick mother. They chat and sparks fly instantly. He's the typical YA guy, secretive, a bad boy, wishy washy, pushes you away one second and lusts after you the next. Of course he's gorgeous. He's also a descendant of THE bad guy. That's all I'll say on that avenue.

A process of events lead Shaul, Cordellia, and her mother to this hidden human community. There she is drawn to a forbidden lake (draw all the conclusions you want. They're probably right.). Some things happen and Cordellia goes through some shocking puberty changes that leave her changed but not mentally phased in the least. Meanwhile, a bunch of blood and guts and torture is spewed with a dash of random super natural creatures.

If my description left you confused, turned off, or wondering how on earth this all be in one novel, then you should. This story was extremely rushed. It skipped over details and just seemed to run ahead leaving me waiting behind wondering what the heck happened. There were BIG plot holes. I found myself getting annoyed at some of her writing ticks. The author had the habit of saying "____ hurt something awful," or "____ felt something wild." I hated that.

It was extremely short, only 77 pages and less than 40,000 words (I just got finished writing NaNo, and based upon the things she skipped I'm sure she could have spent a bit more time to add those additional words.)

I hate giving bad reviews. I usually try to find something I like about the book. If I plan to review, I usually make sure I read to the end, hoping there will be something redeeming about the book. In this case, I found scarcely a thing to like. All the characters seemed flat, although Shaul did hold my interest for like a chapter. The idea behind the story was interesting, and had it been developed more I'd dare to say I would have liked it a lot. Unfortunately though, I really didn't like Girl Possessed. There were quite a few good reviews about it, so others may like it if they read it, I just didn't. 1 Star.


Lan said...

Hmmm I think I might skip this one. I don't enjoy short books that are rushed when there's nothing stopping the author from writing more.

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