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Review: On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

Book: On Demon Wings
By: Karina Halle
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: May 13, 2012 (ARC copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review)

Description: When the life you wanted has crumbled beneath your fingers, there’s nothing left to do but pick up the pieces and soldier on. You’ve done this before.
But what happens when you no longer feel like yourself anymore? When fires spontaneously start-up around you, when you hear growling coming from underneath your bed, and you no longer recognize your face in the mirror. What happens then?
Ghost-hunter Perry Palomino doesn’t have much time to find out. Now, the evil she used to hunt is a lot closer to home. It’s inside of her, taking over her life bit-by-terrifying bit, and there’s only one person who can help her.
If part of her doesn’t kill him first.

My Thoughts: I'm just going to get to the point. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! It made me feel so alive, and dead, at the same time. (that doesn't make sense does it? Oh well)

This book began right where the last book left off. I wont send out any spoilers but just know, we get the aftermath of the destruction that was the ending of the last book. I began thinking...It can only go uphill from here right? WRONG! It can go wayyyy wayyy farther. Poor Poor Perry Palomino....she's by far the best heroine ever. She's real and amazing and I swear I wouldn't be surprised if I saw her walking down the street. I wish we could be best friends, only I actually don't because I'm sure I'd be stuck constantly picking her up from the floor during one of her spells.

I must admit that I initially planned on criticising Perry. A lot of her thought processes made me mad. I mean come on. You deal with a different supernatural occurrence every chance you get. Ghosts seem to follow you everywhere and you've seen almost every type of horrible thing imaginable....and some how you cant accept ghost possession? But then, when I thought more about it and put myself in her shoes, I felt the same same way she did. How can you accept something like that that's happening to yourself. You don't and you fight against it. Perry did the same thing any sane person would. You deny it and ask friends if they think it's possible. I'm convinced Perry is a real person.

This book kind of frustrated me at times. Not because i didn't like it, I loved it. I was frustrated because I just wanted everything to turn out better...and it just kept going further downhill....past downhill and into the fiery bits of hell itself. There were enemies everywhere you turned...and not even perry's own mind was safe. I wanted to yell at people and cry and hug perry and tell her it would be okay and fix her, but I had to sit back and watch a car crash you know is going to be horrible but you watch anyway.

Her parents? I hate them. Maximus? I hate him too. Ada and Dex...I love them...even though Dex was pretty nonexistent most of the book. Creepy clown Lady? I loved her too. The ending? HOW DARE THEY END A STORY LIKE THAT AND JUST RUIN MY LIFE THAT WAY? IS THERE NO RESPECT FOR MY FEELINGS AT ALL?.....What on earth could happen now?

This was by far the best book of the series. I am truly in love with it. Those of you who would like to experiment a bit with terror, I suggest you give the Experiment in Terror series a shot. (see how I did that?...haha! Ahhh I crack myself up!) I can't wait for the next installment. Or the author's new adult novel "Lost in Wanderlust." I am a dedicated stalker fan. 5 Stars.


Lan said...

Why do you insist on reading horror stories and writing such amazing reviews?? You know I get too scared to read these books. It's funny, sometimes I get so angry at a character's decisions and actions and then I say to myself c'mon, if you were in their shoes what would you do? And then it all makes sense!

Sherre said...

Haha. Because I like making you want to read them! Yea you're right. I tend to try not to make any decisions on my feelings until I put myself in their situation. If I still wouldnt do the same thing, then I get annoyed.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love how you were all prepared to criticize the character and then found understanding. I love it when that happens.


Ghosts... no problem... creepy clown lady? EEEEEep! I may have to read this one with the lights on. Clowns... scary! ;D

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