Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PROCRASTINATION: The eighth deadly sin

Hello Everyone!!!

I just want you to know that procrastination is evil and should probably be categorized with the deadly sins. I'm sure it goes along with one of the deadly sins somewhere, maybe sloth? Nonetheless, I am hereby making it it's own, and stating for the world to see that I, Sherre Leach, am an excessive a bit of a procrastinator.
Okay it's not as bad as you think, I don't procrastinate in everything I do, just the stuff I don't want to do, or am not getting paid for immediately. I don't procrastinate at work, because, frankly I'm terrified that If I get caught slipping, I may never ever move up in life, besides, what else do I really have to do but what they tell me to do.

That same rationale doesn't quite work for things outside of work though. First, lets discuss school. I am here, on blogger (obviously) writing this non-essential blog post, instead of doing a very essential analytical paper due tonight. It has to be 2500 words, so roughly 10 pages double spaced. I have JUST gotten started, and only have an introduction and title page completed. Don't get me wrong, I will have it done on time, writing papers is easy for me, but still. Why on earth couldn't I grasp the motivation to at least start this on Sunday. I tried, but it was like my brain wouldn't fire up good words on Sunday, and today, words are shooting all around my head, waiting for some order.

The same goes for my novel, which I have still only written 2 chapters of. It seems every time I begin to head back to it in order to write again, something else super fun comes up, like blogging, or reading a book or my other obsession, TV, and before I know it, the day is gone and I'm exhausted. I know for a fact that in this case, the issue is my fear that my writing actually sucks when it's not done for school. Therefore, I just don't write to save myself the embarrassment. I think I'll sign up for NaNoWriMo this year. It may help by giving me an actual goal instead of these soft deadlines in my head that I break constantly.

I even procrastinate with things like eating, and going to the bathroom (No, that person standing in front of you in the line to the restroom doing the "potty dance" is not a child, it's me. Problem?!?!) and that's just plain ridiculous.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one like this (I'm taking to you "potty dancer #2," and you "last minute final exam studier") nonetheless, I'm accepting comments from fellow Procrastinators Anonymous members, and even those belonging to that tiny group of excessive planners. Are my habits really that bad? Do I need a change? Are you the same way? Any thoughts are welcome....

Now...back to blog stalking and continued procrastination on this paper. I'll get back to it in a hour........


Sue Bursztynski said...

Yes, procrastination is something we all do. I find I need a deadline to get me going, and not one I've set myself. I wrote a post on it on my own blog late last year, and on the Centre for Youth LiterTure web site, where I was writer in residence last November. See, while I was committed to a post a day for the CYL, I wasn't writing much else.;-)

Lan said...

We are so procrastination sisters! I am the absolute worst at doing anything on time unless I can feel the deadline breathing down my neck. I think pressure actually makes me better at anything I do (besides competitive sports. You should totally sign up for NaNoWriMo this year! I think I'm going to participate again as well, although I have done almost no planning whatsoever and this year I swore I would go in better prepared. Check back with me on 31st October and I can guarantee I will have done nothing!

Sherre said...

Haha Glad I'm not alone!!
Lan: Youre right. Im bad with contest. I often dont commit, or forget that I've committed and then on the final day when I'm supposed to say what I've done, I realize I have done nothing and feel lke an absolute failure.

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