Monday, September 14, 2015

Audiobook Review - Watch Me by Shayla Black

Book: Watch Me
By: Shayla Black (Writing as Shelley Bradley)
Narrated By: Sasha Dunbrooke
Length: 4 hours
Audio Published: August 4, 2015
Published By: Listen Up Audiobooks
*this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review by the author*

My Thoughts: Watch me was a short, intense little book filled with seduction, temptation, and pure hotness.

The Story: Watch me follows the life of Shanna York, a particularly obsessive professional ballroom dancer who has been proclaimed as the, "B***h of the ballroom." She goes through dance partners almost as fast as she goes through dance costumes and she believes winning is all that's important. Then, her dance partner gets videotaped in a couple compromising positions with a couple romantic partners of his, the whole scene is videotaped and was done in front of an audience, and the video-taper is trying to blackmail Shanna by threatening to show the video to the judges at the next competition. Shanna knows that such  an occurrence would ruin her chances of winning the competition with the conservative judges, and she can either pick a new partner yet again, setting her back with this year's competition, or she can find out exactly who is trying to blackmail her.

Enter Alejandro Diaz, the owner of the club where Shanna's partner performed for said audience. Alejandro is a sexy Latin man who has wanted Shanna since he first met her. He wants nothing more than to melt her icy exterior and find out exactly who she is. When Shanna comes to him to request he help her find out who is blackmailing her, he comes up with the perfect plan, one that's equally beneficial for both of them.

The Narration: From the first sentence, I loved the narrator. She really fits Shanna's icy personality and hidden softness. She also does a wonderful job portraying the hot and heavy moments so that the listener can really picture what's going on. Sasha even does a pretty good job with the male voices and the accents, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her.

The Verdict: This is a book filled with steam, exhibitionism and lust. Still, I had some misgivings, there was a portion near the end where things seemed to rushed and too HEA too soon. I don't believe the feelings were rushed between the two main characters, but I do believe the decisions as a result of those feelings were rushed. I give this book 4 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who likes erotica with sexy foreign men and ice queen women getting brought down to their secretly mushy selves.


Lan said...

I really should start getting into audiobooks! My only fear is that it'll be too much of a distraction. Sounds like a great story.

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