Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Audiobook Challenge Sign Up!

The Book Nympho
I never thought in a million years that I would listen to audiobooks. I mean seriously, the way I figured it, audiobooks were things that old ladies listened to while taking the kids out, and they were always self hel books, or books to help teach languages, or something equally boring. It would include drab, boring narrators that put one to sleep, and stupid sounding voices when the narrator planned to try a particularly tricky voice. Though both can be true with some books, it's not often the case with most. Now, I'm practically pissed at all the time I spent griping about audiobooks and the impurity of "reading" them vs reading regular books, when I could have spent that time listening to more audiobooks.

The audio format of books has practically blown up in the recent years (or so I've been told) and the narrators are better than ever. Most are engaging, exciting, and embody the MC or storyline so that you feel like you're actually standing right inside or next to your favorite characters.

In 2014, I signed up for the audiobook challenge, and stuck with it the entire year, ending with 84 audiobooks listened to. Check out my post here. This year, I'm hoping to listen to even more.  I won't bore you with all the rules, but you can check them out and/or sign up here.

My chosen level is: Marathoner (Look Ma no hands) 50+

I'm hoping to listen to more than the 84 books I listened to in 2014. You can expect updates on the following dates:

Update Schedule:

  • March 27th: 1st Quarter Update
  • June 19th: 2nd Quarter Update – Giveaway included
  • September 25th: 3rd Quarter Update
  • December 18th: 4th Quarter Update and Wrap – Giveaway included
If you wish, however to see my progress when there isn't a formal post, I've created a lovely goodreads shelf just for this year's challenge. I think It will help me keep track even of my rereads more efficiently.

It would be great if you would join with me.For those of you who havent even tried Audiobooks, there's even a Newbie level of books (1-5 books), so there's no excuse for you not to give it a try. You may find that it makes chores a lot more fun.


Sue Bursztynski said...

Heavens, Sherre, you've just discovered audiobooks this year? I have friends who use them to read while driving. Me, I love them as an extra way to enjoy books I've read and enjoyed. Stephen Fry, for example, reading Harry Potter. I once listened to a Potter book read by Jim Dale, who does the U.S. editions. He was amazing. He did an interview in which he mentioned having to work out 143 voices to do in the HP book! Richard Armitage reading a Georgette Heyer book made me almost miss the story - that man could make women swoon by reading the phone book! There are the Terry Pratchett books which are read by Tony Robinson - hilarious! - and if you like Star Trek, Jonathan Frakes, the guy who played Ryker reads them amazingly. He can do everyone from Patrick Stewart to Majel Barrett perfectly. Yes, he can actually do a convincing female voice. Rob Inglis reads Tolkien and gets it just right.

Anyway, glad you're converted. :-)

Lan said...

I'm still a skeptic when it comes to audiobooks. I just can't concentrate on them when there is other stuff going on. I'm glad that you're enjoying them so immensely though. What a great way to get some boob goodness whilst in the car or doing chores. Looking forward to sharing your journey with you this year!

Poland sonal said...

Luckily came to your web place.
Hope to connect with all EBooks Authors helping each others.

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