Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Rant Thursday: Picking things up

Hey Everyone!

So in an effort to get back into blogging after my short hiatus, I've looked through my past posts and saw a bit of a decline in the amount of features I've done. It's been mainly review after review, after review, with one of these RRT's thrown in there. I don't want to flood you all with constant review without giving anything else. It doesn't allow you to know me at all, and I think I may be beginning to bore you to death!

For that reason, I'll be picking up my random rants, and attempt to have one every Thursday, or at the very least, 3 Thursdays out of the month. I may also be picking up some of the other blogger's featured features. I always loved Teaser Tuesday, so I'll probably pick that back up and probably do a few others too. I just have to do a bit more research to see which ones I like the most. Any ideas on which ones I should choose?

Ive also had a lot of issues with blogger lately. Sometimes I log in and my reading feed is nonexistent. Sometimes I cant post anything. I've just had entirely too many issues. I'm beginning to get fed up with it. I know I've talked about it before, but I'm convinced that I'll probably move to wordpress sometime before the end of this year/the beginning of next year. I may also get a whole new blog design and everything to celebrate the switch, but since I'm a bit allergic to technology, I'll be hiring someone to do it for me. Doing research on that now. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Thanks for listening!


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