Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Rant Thursday

Time for a quick Rant!!!!!
See you soon!!!


LaMar Nelson said...

Hahaha, "next Thursday, is Friday." Simba looks back to his old self, I know why he's been barking lol...anyways...I wake up late and get to work late all the time, but being as I'm typing this comment on my government job computer right now maybe I should not finish the rest of that sentence truthfully (incase they're watching me); I'll say this, fret not, you're not alone! In reference to your other question, I think it's totally okay for you to count your audio books listens, as reads; especially since you have a car/bus/walking/ doing anything but sitting and reading sickness. However, if you were a true hardcore book OG, you'd not count them Lol, and you'd bang them out old school.

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