Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random Rant Thursday - WHY WON'T YOU JUST WORK ALREADY!!

Random Rant Thursday is a random meme, hosted here, posted randomly (mainly on thursday) where I can cry like a baby over random issues.
My newest issue......I can't comment on other people's blogs.

I decided to post this mainly because I'm frustrated as hell, but also because I want those of you who's blogs I always comment on to know that I have not been ignoring you. I've commented, and it says very nicely "Your comment has been published" and then when I refresh the page, or come back later to check out any new replies, THERE'S NO COMMENT TO CHECK. Now I do want to admit that my comments could just be getting deleted by the blog owner, but I'D DOUBT IT. They're all good comments that are posted on blogs of people that (kind of) appreciate my words of somewhat-wisdom. 

I just want it to work out correctly and stop causing me all these issues. I find myself commenting over and over and over again, hoping that if I comment enough, one of them will stick, but no!(Not sure if you get the email for comments, but if you've gotten like 6 from me and see nothing on your page, I didn't delete all 6, I commented 6 times and they all just randomly disappeared)

You know how you're sitting there, having a bad day and you're curling your hair. It's hot and you've already burned two fingers, but it's okay because you're almost done. You just want this one piece to curl just the right way. You do everything right and then  on the reveal, it falls flat. Crap!!! Lets try again, you do it all again and hold it a little longer. The extra heat will probably force it to curl, and once you let go, it falls flat again. Double crap!!! So you grab some hair spray (the super hold kind) and try to work some magic. You try again, holding it extra long, and then you let go, knowing this time it'll work out great and WHAM! STILL FREAKING FLAT!!! "what the *beep"? Really? You really just couldn't follow instructions?" And now my hair looks like this:
And that's how I feel!! (Ignore my obviously horrible paint skills)

I am honestly getting fed up with blogger and all it's issues. First GFC, and now this. Plus sometimes I log in, and apparently am not subscribed to anyone's feeds. WHAT?! OK I guess. And my spell check hasn't been working either. As time passes, Wordpress starts looking better and better.

What about you all? Have you had this issue and know how to fix it? Have you had any issues with blogger that make you want to just break the computer screen? Are you leaning toward moving to Wordpress? How bad are your bad hair days? Should I take classes on working MS Paint? All comments are accepted (don't be upset if I don't comment on your page though. I probably will, and it wont work....again.)

See Ya!


Sue Bursztynski said...

Now, that's one I haven't heard before! Please don't go to Wordpress or I won't be able to follow your blog any more except by email and that causes its own problems because every time you comment. - assuming it doesn't try to make you sign into a Wordpress account you don't have, and thank goodness you can sign in through Twitter! - it insists you subscribe to that particular post. My Blogger blog sometimes says I'm not following anyone, but I just refresh, no problem. My only beef with Blogger is that it keeps nagging you for your cellphone number for security when you sign in.

I believe you can ask to be informed by email of any follow up comments.

At least you get comments on your own blog. With 140 followers I have about three regulars. I can't even get comments for a giveaway I'm running right now! Not one so far, and it's a gret book and all you have to do is comment, but no!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Another problem I have, only on the iPad, is that my comments freeze so I can't finish my thoughts or correct my typoes, such as "gret" for "great". Anyway, what I was going to say was that perhaps this problem you mention is part of the reason I have so many lurkers, though I do get the occasional email saying "I tried to comment, but..." FWIW I have seen your successful comments on other blogs . You're welcome to come over and comment on mine. ;-)

Sherre said...

No worries. I'll come over and check you out every so often.

I get some of those issues too on blogger. I guess thay all just suck

Lan said...

I get your comments as emails Sherre but what happens is that bloggers automatic spam filter always sends your comments straight to the spam box waiting for me to moderate and say that it's not spam. And I don't usually get to do that for a while as I'm asleep when you comment! I think there were a lot of problems when the new blogger interface was created and the new reply options were given. I've been really lucky because my blog is pretty bare so there hasnt been many bugs. I hear the blogger helpdesk is really helpful though. I hope you can sort something out soon. I'll follow you whichever platform you choose.

Sherre said...

Oh wow, that sucks. I wonder why mine show up as spam!!

Glad to see you'd follow me either way...

Sue Bursztynski said...

Not sure how your comments end up in spam. It depends on the settings, I suspect. I just turned off anonymous comments and everything else goes to moderation, where I can see it before publishing. This has cut the spam right down, though I do still have to watch for generic "comments" and profiles that have nothing on them but inks to ads.;-) Sherre, thanks for your visit to my site and I just meant that your blog would no longer show up on my dashboard.I do have a US friend who sends me all his Wordpress posts.

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