Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Lying Season by Karina Halle

Book: Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4)
By: Karina Halle
Publication Date: December 12, 2011
Publisher: Self Published

Description: Ama­teur ghost hunter Perry Palomino has bat­tled ghosts, fought off skin­walk­ers and skirted the fine line between life and death. But can she sur­vive bunk­ing down in Seat­tle for a week with her partner (and man she secretly loves) Dex and his perfect girl­friend, Jennifer? And can she do so while being tor­mented by a mali­cious spirit from Dex’s increas­ingly shady past? With love and life in the bal­ance, Perry must dis­cover the truth among the lies or risk los­ing every­thing she's ever cared about.

My Thoughts: I loved, loved, loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--(extra exclamation points for extra love!!) Hehe. I love that Perry''s always my age so I can really connect with her. It was so freaking amazing that I cant really even figure out what to say so I'll just throw out random thoughts or feelings and hope you understand the awesomeness of this book:
  • I love it, I hate it, i love it!!! Ahhh!!!
  • Dex!!!!! How could you!!! I hate you (call me?)
  • Perry...I love you so much!!! Be my best friend??? Please??? We're the same age...We do similar things...You're just like me...I know you're a little crazy, but so am I. You're the bestest most amazing, most kickass person I me?
  • OH........MY...................GOSH..............(hyperventilates...heart stops...restarts....hyperventilates again...places book down...turns away...glances over shoulder...turns back...picks book back up and apologizes for being mean...finishes reading book...)
Does that make sense? I hope so. This book was like super, duper, fantastic, amazingness all wrapped in a bow. With a side of jack daniels. Right when you think something happy is about to happen, the book drops you right off a cliff...with jagged daggers at the bottom...and sharks with pointy teeth (no water, just sharks)...and then you escape...and your wounds are fixed to as good as new.....only for the book to pick you back up and drop you off the cliff again. It was great. I got a few answers, which brought up even more questions for the future. This series just keeps getting better and better. As for my guessed it....5 LARGE stars!


Giselle said...

Oh wow so you didn't like it? haha I have he first book in this series to review in a couple of months I look forward to it!!

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Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Lol. I'm sold. I've added it to my list but I'm sure I'll start with the first in the series.

Lan said...

Gosh I wish I could read this! But it's got ghosts in it and you know how that scares me :(

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