Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Rant Thursday - HELP!!! and excuses...

Hello Everyone,

Okay its time for my rant, and this time, its not so much of a rant and instead it's just a few comments and a random question.
First, did you notice that I was really excited about constant blogging last week and then this week....nothing? No? Well that's what happened. I was super excited to get back blogging again after finishing class. Started everything off with TWO reviews because I thought for sure I'd have another up by Monday or Tuesday. NOPE! Monday hit, and with it came old Mr. Sick Bug. No Idea what kind of virus I had this time, but whatever I had had me in the bed almost the entire 3 days. I barely even wanted to get up to eat (but I did of course. We all know I hate missing food.) Needless to say, no reading got done, and i wasn't online long enough to make a blog post so........yea. Any who, I'm back (but don't tell Mr. Sick Bug. He may try to pay me another visit)

In other news, It's almost Christmas for my family, and other's out there are probably celebrating the holidays in their own special way, so First, I'd like to say Happy Holidays and I hope you thoroughly enjoy them.

HELP!!!! I am having an issue. It's almost Christmas, and I feel I need to get my boyfriend's parent's a gift of some kind. He and I will have been together 3 years as of Dec. 27th and his family treats me as if I ma already a part of their family. My boyfriend, however, told me not to get them a gift. That they "wouldn't want/expect one." My parents think that I should still get them one, but when asked if they expected my boyfriend to get them a gift, they said "No, he just needs to make sure to continue to make you happy and that's all that matters." (Sounds a bit hypocritical to me. I'm just saying...) I know I will at least get them a card. Other than that, no idea. Help?


Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

I would get something smallish...a hostess type gift (like a fruit basket or wine) or a household-ish type gift for his mom (like some holiday kitchen decor-towels maybe) or something like that!

Sherre said...

Oooo. Good Idea. Myabe an edible arrangement or something...Hmmmmm? Thanks!

miki said...

i agree with melissa that's the perfect gifts in this situation

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Think housewarming gift. Small family gift. You definitely don't have to but you'll look so thoughtful if you do.

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